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Where to find us

Being based in San Francisco Bay Area, we are constantly looking to get involved with the local craft fair scenes and we always love meeting our customers face-to-face. We currently don't have any event / fair planned in 2024 but hopefully we'll be back in some shape or form in the near future!
Our stockists:
  • Jade & Clover, Phoenix, AZ
  • Evolutions in design, Wausau, WI
  • Nature Walk, Middlefield, MI
  • Lost River Trading Post, WV
  • Bloom Market, NC
  • Bougie Beach Collective, CA
  • Goddess Gatherings, CA
  • Caledonia Forest, TN
  • Heckathorn Drive, IN
We have recently started doing wholesale for some of our non-personalized products such as the Floral & Fungi Collection. If you're interested in carrying our products, please reach out to us at or you can also find us at Faire.